Jeff Jafazade


As the founding principal of IDA Engineering, Inc., Mr. Jafazade offers over thirty nine years of mechanical and electrical professional engineering design and management experience. He has managed and engineered over one thousand five hundred engineering projects ranging from small to very large multi billion dollar facilities.

Ronnie Fender


Mr. Fender offers over Thirty Nine years of mechanical and electrical design experience. He has designed all types of mechanical systems for different types of facilities including DX, packaged and spit systems, chilled water, hot water, constant volume and variable volume air handling systems.

He has extensive experience in mechanical and electrical engineering and has a depth of experience with K-12 Educational facilities. Mr. Fender has gained an outstanding amount of experience in management and planning of project coordination for IDA Engineering. He coordinates the production of all IDA projects and implements AutoCAD and REVIT for every project as required.

Thomas Harvey


Mr. Harvey offers thirty eight years in HVAC support services including nine years of Energy Management, with extensive experience in Educational type facilities. Mr. Harvey has managed and coordinated numerous engineering projects, and has assisted in making the energy recommendations and HVAC decisions for the Dallas Independent School District for thirty years, as well as overseeing the installations of the HVAC equipment.